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If you enjoy sightseeing by bicycle then make Hidden Holiday House your base for exploring the area. We can lead you on tours ranging from half a day to multiple days or equip you with a map and bicycle if you prefer to explore on your own. The area around our house is perfectly flat and is ideal for riders regardless of age and fitness level. We can taylor a route to your ability. The area's abundance of farms, orchards and rice fields makes the tours as much about the cycling routes as about the destinations.

Single day tours around Hidden Holiday House:

Lamphaya Floating Market: A beautifully situated traditional floating market on the Ta Jin river. Local residents sell their wares and products from boats and floating platforms. This market is very popular with Thai people but very few foreigners visit it. All visitors who we have taken here enjoy this floating market much more than the very commercialized Damnoen Saduak floating market which mostly deals with souvenirs for tourists. On the way to Lamphaya stop at the Ayutthaya period temple Bang Phra and a local farmers' market. This tour includes a one hour boat ride along the river.

Farms and Orchards along Mahasawat canal: The area around our guesthouse is filled with fruit orchards, flower gardens and rice fields. The Mahasawat canal agritourism project was set up by the local government and Mahidol University. It introduces you to the area by visiting an orchid farm, a fruit orchard, a lotus growing pond and a rice cake manufacturer. Local fruits and snacks will be provided at the various stops. The bicycle route follows a canal for the most part along a road with virtually no traffic.

Srisathong Temple: The Srisathong temple is devoted to Phra Rahu who causes eclipses by eating the moon and the sun. The temple mixes animist and Buddhist beliefs and gives you an interesting insight into Thai beliefs. The bicycle route meanders along little used roads and canals. We visit a river side community where residents travel along walkways elevated above the river on the way back. There are no roads accessible by cars in the community.

Jesada and Old Market: Jesada Technik Museum is a private collection of classic cars and motorcycles mostly of European origin. There is something surreal about seeing this collection in the tropics surrounded by rice fields. It specializes in small cars, bubble cars as well as rare mini-size cars. The old Nakhon Chaisri ancient market is no longer a functioning market but is a step back in time as you walk on the remaining wooden boardwalks surrounded by old wooden houses.

Nakhon Pathom tour: Nakhon Pathom is the provincial capital and is considered the oldest city in Thailand. There are two main attractions. One is the Phra Pathom Chedi, the tallest Buddhist monument in the world at 140m. The other is the Sanam Chandra palace built by King Rama VI which is a great place to see a mix of Thai and European architecture. It is also a good place for spotting giant water monitor lizards.

Thai Human Imagery Museum: This museum is a favorite among our visitors. It is a wax museum with very life like images. It is devoted to Thai kings, famous monks and to everyday Thai life.

Single day tour price:

Number of guests Half day tour
(Baht per person)
Full day tour
(Baht per person)
1 300 500
2 200 300
3 150 225
4 120 180

Tour price includes guide and bicycle rental. If you do not require a guide then bicycle rental is 75 Baht per person for half a day or 150 Baht per person for a full day. Bicycles come equipped with helmet, tire patch kit, pump, tools and, pannier bags.

Multi day tours:

Mae Klong River tour: This two day tour will take us from our guesthouse to the town of Ratchaburi. The highlight of the tour is the route taken during the second day. It follows the Mae Khlong river along a narrow road with no traffic. The views of the river far below are absolutely stunning. Along the way we will pass the Phra Pathom Chedi, Sanam Chandra royal palace, a temple where the art of shadow puppets is practiced and several other minor attractions. The route is absolutely flat and we cover between 50 and 60 km per day making it a relatively easy ride.

Mekong River tour: This 6 day tour follows the Mekong river from the town of Nong Khai to Chiang Khan in northeastern Thailand. The river constitutes the border between Laos and Thailand in this area resulting in both cultures being represented in the towns and villages we visit. The area is famous for its tobacco and tomato farms which we see along the way. We cover on average 50km per day. The terrain is flat with some rolling hills making it a relatively easy ride. If you are not a regular bicyclist then it is recommended to take a couple of day tours before starting this ride to build up an adequate fitness level.

Kanchanaburi province: If you are looking for a more strenuous ride and enjoy nature and hill tribe villages look no further than Kanchanaburi province. Most of Kanchanaburi province is very much off the beaten trail with many national parks and a large variety of villages and towns populated Thai, Burmese, Mon and Karen people each with their own language and culture. Most roads in Kanchanaburi do not see much traffic aside from some four wheel drive vehicles and motorbikes. The national parks provide for comfortable cabin type accomodation or camping depending on preference and most have waterfalls and caves to explore. Kanchanburi also provides many interesting tourist destinations such as the bridge over the river Kwai, war cemetaries, Hell Fire pass, Tiger temple where you can spend some quality time with live tigers, the longest wooden bridge in Thailand and others. It is a mountainous province which will test your legs at some points. Bike tours between 5 and 14 days can be done in this province.

Multi day tour price:

Number of guests Baht per person per day
1 1650
2 900
3 650
4 550

Tour price includes guide and bicycle rental. Any transportation required to the beginning or from the end of the tour are extra. Bicycles come equipped with helmet, tire patch kit, pump, tools and, pannier bags.


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