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Lamphaya Floating Market

Round Trip Distance: 26km
Biking Time: 2 hours
Total Tour Time: 5 hours
Elevation Gain 0m

A beautifully situated traditional floating market on the Ta Jin river. Local residents sell their wares and products from boats and floating platforms. All visitors we have taken here enjoyed this floating market much more than the over commercialized Damnoen Saduak floating market which mostly deals with souvenirs for tourists. On the way to Lamphaya stop at the Ayutthaya period temple Bang Pra and a local farmers' market. To return take a boat from Lamphaya floating market to Bang Pra temple (point 9 on the map) with your bicycle and bike back the remaining 8.7 km. The boats leave Lamphaya floating market at 11:30, 12:30 and 14:00.

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Huay Plu is a small market town situated on the Ta Jin river. Walk along the market, stroll along the river and feed the giant catfish. Turn right at 4.2km marker.

Bang Pra Temple is a temple from Ayudhaya period. It is famous due to an animal sect which gathers here annually. All members have tattoos of certain animals and fall into trances becoming those animals. An amazing group trance is organized annually in March which is open to all. On the right hand side at 8.6km marker.

Lamphaya Floating Market is a weekend market set up in the floating style of the says past. It specializes in all sorts of food products. Several boat tours are also organized from there which go up and down the Ta Jin river. You can buy several dishes at the market and enjoy a relaxing lunch in one of the tour boats. A good massage can also be had in one of the buildings at the market.

Stork Nesting Grounds are visible from the boat. The Open-billed Storks are a social creature and build their nests in large groups of thousands of birds. Some of them reside in Thailand year round and some come from China and Mongolia to spend the winter here. The largest number of storks can be seen during the November to March time frame.

1. 0.0km. Leave Hidden Holiday House
2. 0.2km. Turn right on paved road towards Huay Plu
3. 3.8km. Turn right on road 3233 towards Don Tum
4. 4.2km. T intersection. Turn left (stay on road to Don Tum)
5. 4.5km. Turn right at a main road
6. 4.8km. Y intersection. Bear left on small road which enters the hospital grounds
7. 4.9km. T intersection. Take the first left and meander on this road among orchards and farms
8. 8.6km. T intersection. Turn right and continue for 0.1km. See Bang Pra temple on your right.
9. 8.7km. T intersection. Turn left just before reaching Bang Pra Temple. Continue on this road. Some signs will point to Lamphaya floating market at the 12.6km mark but ignore them continuing straight
10. 15.5km. Turn right on small road. There will be a small white sign just before the turn in Thai.
11. 16.4km. Turn left
12. 16.8km. Turn left on a very small motorbike path to the bridge. Cross over Ta Jin river over a wooden bridge
13. 17.1km. T intersection. Turn left for 0.5km.
14. 17.6km. Arrive at Lamphaya temple (on your left). Walk through the temple to the river to find the floating market.

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