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Jesada and Old Market

Round Trip Distance: 23km
Biking Time: 2 hours
Total Tour Time: 4 hours
Elevation Gain 0m

This tour will take you to the Jesada Technik Museum and an old floating market. Both of them are described below. You can also stop at the Samrong temple which contains a Farmer's Life Museum and an area for feeding fish in the river. The route will take you through small scenic country roads.

Jesada Technik Museum is a private collection of classic cars and motorcycles mostly of European origin. There is something surreal about seeing this collection in the tropics surrounded by rice fields. It specializes in small cars, bubble cars as well as rare mini-size cars. The entry is free.
Jesada Technology Museum Jesada Technology Museum
Old Nakhon Chaisri Market ceased to be a market 80 years ago. What is left is a ghost market which serves as a residential area made of wooden boardwalks and houses. Stepping into it is like stepping into the past of old houses and people living the way they used to live many years ago. You will have to use your imagination to picture a bustling, colourful floating market while you're walking through it but the experience is interesting to say the least. The area is owned by the Royal Family and there is talk of turning this into a tourist floating market similar to the Amphawa and Damnoen Saduak floating market.
Jesada Technology Museum Jesada Technology Museum
Samrong Temple contains a Farmers Life Museum which displays tools used for farming and fishing in this area before the advent of motorized machinery. It is located on the right hand side in the building just before reaching the river. At the river front there is a place where you can buy bread and throw it in the river to feed the giant catfish. Watching these huge fish gather by the hundreds is an interesting sight.
Jesada Technology Museum Jesada Technology Museum

Tour Map
Map of Jesada Bike Tour
1. 0.0km. Leave Hidden Holiday House
2. 0.2km. Turn left on paved road towards Sam Rong temple
3. 1.1km. Turn left onto the bridge
4. 1.8km. T intersection. Turn right
5. 2.3, 2.8, 3.1 and 3.8km. Cross various canals
6. 2.4km. Pass Lan Tak Fa Temple on your right
7. 3.0km. Optional turn off on right to Chinese temple.
8. 5.0km. Follow the road to the right and cross the Mahasawat Canal. This canal links Bangkok with Nakhon Pathom.
9. 5.2km. Follow road to the right along railway tracks
10. 7.1km. Pass the Niu Rai Train Station on left
11. 9.1km. T intersection. Turn left
12. 9.4km. T intersection. Turn right
13. 9.7km. Jesada Technik Museum on your right. Enter and experience the surreal atmosphere of a European car collection in the middle of Thai rice fields.
14. 9.9km. Airplane, helicopter, fire trucks, tank collection on right. Can access but should get permission from main museum at point 13 above.
15. 10.1km. Turn left
16. 11.8km. Cross small footbridge and walk or ride your bike along a narrow footpath.
17. 11.9km. Climb to train tracks and follow them to the bridge. Cross bridge on the left side of train track along a walk way
18. 12.2km. Descend from train track to the left immediately after crossing the bridge. After descent, turn right and left along a wall to a small street.
19. 12.3km. Turn left along a foot path. Reach an old wooden area which used to be the Nakhon Chaisri floating market. Walk your bike through the area.
20. 12.5km. Cross a high bridge over canal
21. 12.8km. T intersection. Turn right
22. 12.9km. Traffic lights. Turn right
23. 13.4 and 14.8km. Cross canal
24. 13.5km. Cross railway tracks
25. 15.0km. Turn right just before a large building with a red roof
26. 18.8km. Optional turn off on right to Chinese temple.
27. 19.4km. Pass Orchid farm on left hand side
28. 20.3km. Cross canal. Sam Rong Temple on right hand side
29. 20.7km. Turn right
30. 21.1km. Follow the road to the left. Do not turn right toward the high bridge over Ta Jin River
31. 22.0km. Turn right on dirt road at Hiiden Holiday House sign
32. 22.2km. Arrive at Hidden Holiday House.

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