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Srisathong Temple

Round Trip Distance: 25km
Biking Time: 2 hours
Total Tour Time: 3-4 hours

The Srisathong temple is devoted to Phra Rahu who causes solar and lunar eclipses by eating the moon and the sun. The temple mixes animist and Buddhist beliefs and gives you an interesting insight into Thai beliefs. The bicycle route meanders along little used roads and canals. On the way back we visit a river side community where residents travel along walkways elevated above the river on the way back. There are no roads accessible by cars in the community

Srisathong Temple
Srisathong (Golden Head if translated literally) temple is deicated to Phra Rahu. Phra Rahu is a demon who sometimes swallows his two brothers the moon and the sun thus causing solar and lunar eclipses. Since Phra Rahu can cause eclipses some also call him the God of Darkness. Many Thais associate eclipses with misfortune. It is common practice to seek the blessing from Phra Rahu to repel bad luck by giving offerings. All offerings must be black in colour. When you visit the temple you will see black incense, black flowers, black candles and large trays with eight types of black food. Each type of food has a different meaning. 1. Black grapes means good business. 2. Black liqueur means courage to risk or invest. 3. Black coffee means you will get whatever you wish for. 4. Black jelly or shoa guay means patience and graceful thought. 5. Black beans mean progress. 6. Black sticky rice means wealth and love form family. 7. Black Thai cake means rewards, success and good luck. 8. Black fermented eggs mean successful contact or errands. Many Thais also arrange for a group of dancers to dance for Phra Rahu at the temple. It is common for Thais who feel unlucky to come to this temple in order to attempt to turn their luck around. In 1997 the Prime Minister Chavalit's wife, Khunying Phankrua Yongchaiyudh, seeked help from Rahu to keep her husband's coalition government in one piece.
Srisathong Temple Srisathong Temple Srisathong Temple Srisathong Temple

Riverside Community
This riverside community is built along the shore of the Ta Jin river. It consists of several houses linked by walkways elevated above the river. There is no car access to this community. If you visit the community during the flooding season (September to November) the walkways may be underwater and all houses will have the river flowing under them.

A map showing the location of the two temples as well as our guesthouse is shown below.
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